BAS Consulting offers whole building energy assessment as part of our services. We perform energy audits in order to identify the most cost effective ways to reduce energy usage.

Utility companies offer rebates for many different types of energy efficient retrofits. There are substantial rebates for lighting upgrades, occupancy sensors, HVAC upgrades, and refrigeration upgrades. These upgrades, when combined with the installation of a solar power system, often yield greatly reduced operating costs, yield substantial return on investment.

Information that we would need from you:

•  12 months of your utility bills along with square footage and use descriptions for your buildings.
We will deliver you a report showing:
Preliminary Analysis
• Baseline of Usage, Rates & Cost with trending for electricity, gas, and water
• Potential savings based on Benchmark Index
Detail Analysis
•   A financial analysis that projects what savings you might achieve
•   The financial analysis explores total savings, ROI, simple payback period, etc., as
well as consequences (such as lost savings) of your decision options.